The materials used for the construction of the structure are totally eco-sustainable (terracotta bricks, stone, wood, copper and even old recycled materials).


Energy sources

The heating system and the sanitary water system are powered by GPL as well as the kitchen stove.


Hygiene and cleaning products

Only completely biodegradable products are used in the structure both for personal hygiene and for cleaning the premises as well as for the dishwasher or hand washing of dishes. The supply is free and the products are made available in the external white cabinet.


Waste disposal

In the structure, as in the entire municipality of Pieve a Nievole, the separate collection of waste is more than 80%.



Almost all low energy consumption lamps are used to illuminate the structure.



The property provides a free cruet of organic extra virgin olive oil produced with olives harvested from the surrounding olive trees.


The structure mainly uses Italian products (linen, curtains, etc.).

The managers of the structure use almost exclusively organic or in any case local products and guests are invited to follow the same habits.